VeggieTales In The House Season 2 Clips

When Larry zaps Bob with a silly ray, he and the new "Silly Bob" take a ride around town...and even on the ceiling in "The Silly Ray / The Campout,"

When Larry zaps Bob with a silly ray, he and the new “Silly Bob” take a ride around town…and even on the ceiling in “The Silly Ray / The Campout,”

Tomorrow, Sept 25, is literally a day of awesomeness with a new season of VeggieTales In the House coming to Netflix! Yup, Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber are back with all new adventures of faith and inspirational messages.

This Netflix original series is truly a trip down memory lane for me. I have loved the VeggieTales since Larry Lost his Hairbrush and found that the Pirates don’t do anything! I love their stories as they discover how God helps us through our lives and how we can live for Him.



In anticipation of the release of VeggieTales In the House Season 2, here are a couple of awesome clips featuring Bob and Tina Celerina! Be sure to check the “VeggieTales In the House” webpage form more clips and fun!

Silly Bob Clip

When Bob finds himself caught in a writing slump, working on a supposed to be funny speech for the mayor, Larry comes to the rescue with his “silly ray gun!” Will it help him finish his speech in time or will he just want to play all day?

Tina Celerina and Petunia clip

In an effort to grow the world’s most impressive fica, Petunia gets a little carried away, putting others in danger! Will pride get the best of her?

Don’t forget to grab the yummy VeggieTale Recipes from my blog to help get the party started!!
Veggietales recipes

VeggieTales has several movies and episodes out for all the fans! You can purchase many of their items from, including my favorite, “The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything.”

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