Weeping Angel Christmas Tree Topper

Have you ever thought that Christmas is just not creepy enough? Well the people over at ThinkGeek thought so. They are now selling a special Tree topper featuring the Weeping Angel from Doctor Who. Imagine waking up and making your way to the tree on Christmas day only to find the possibility of being forever lost in time staring at you in the face. Doesn’t it bring all the warm holiday feelings to life and make you enjoy the company of friends and family?

I am sure you will also find how popular your tree is to the family and friends. No one will want to look away or blink! Seriously, the uncertainty and doubt would leave even me wondering if it would be safe to turn and sip my eggnog.

Weeping Angel Topper

Info from ThinkGeek:

During the holidays, we normally get and give all sorts of presents. Well, there’s something out there that wants to take your present. Not the presents you get for the holidays, but your actual present. Yes, you guessed it – we’re referring to the Weeping Angels. They want to take your present and send you back into the past. And now here’s a little one for your holiday tree: the Weeping Angel Christmas Topper!

Each Weeping Angel Christmas Topper is made of space age plastic and fits over the very top of your festive indoor plant (or plant simulacrum). The Weeping Angel has her face covered, averting her eyes from your gaze. But if you blink… if you dare blink… who knows what will happen. You might end up visiting Ebenezer Scrooge and the Ghost of Christmas past. The Weeping Angel Christmas Topper is all about showing the world you love Doctor Who, while taking a big risk that this Angel is just decoration.

Product Specifications

    A different sort of angel topper for your holiday tree of choice – this one is a Weeping Angel!
    Add a little fear to your holidays – just slide over the top of your celebratory foliage
    Officially-licensed Doctor Who tree ornamentation
    Made of space-age plastic
    Dimensions: approx. 8.2″ tall x 5.6″ x 4.25″

Be sure to grab your creepy Christmas Tree Weeping Angel Topper to add a little Doctor Who to your Christmas! And check out the Weeping Angel Ornaments to give your tree even more of the Doctor Who Vibe (and possibly freak out a few more of your guests).

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