What Does It Mean to be a Suffragette

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Today is the first day of the “19 Days of Suffrage,” (#19DaysofSuffrage) to celebrate the powerful film Suffragette, as it releases in theaters nationwide through Thanksgiving. These 19 Days are in honor of the 19th Amendment, which granted women in the United States the right to vote in 1919. Imagine if these women had not taken the stand to give all of us women equal rights.



As you go about your day today, think about the movement for equality. Tomorrow may seem like just another election day, but in reality, those who fought for women’s right would find tomorrow empowering. Watch the special clip below about how things have change from Then to Now.

Now that you have seen the comparison of women’s rights from then to now, share the badge below with a post about what you think it means to be a Suffragette and how this movement affected your life. Pin it, Tweet it, share it, Instagram it and get the word out that you have joined the “19 Days of Suffrage.”
19 Days of Suffrage Day 1

For a little background information here is an Educational Study Guide with facts about the women’s movement for equality. It features activities for:
Created Equal” – Taking us back 100 years to where very few women were equal to men
Deeds not Words” – About how women in Great Britain had to be forceful in their cause, which was much different than the tactics used in the United States.
I am Suffragette” – What it means to be a Suffragette and the life-changing personal choices and risks it took to change the world.

To download this study guide click the image below.


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