Winx Club Printable Masks, Paper Dolls and Coloring Pages

After I had received several requests to post some Winx Club printables, I spent the last two weeks watching seasons 1-5 and the 9 episodes of season 6 that have been released. Obviously I couldn’t stop watching and never wanted to go to bed. In fact, there were several sleepless nights of me watching the winx fairies save the magical realms from evil. In each of their missions, the Winx learn what it means to be a friend, the power of believing in yourself, the strength of courage, and the importance of trust. .

I enjoyed watching this tv series so much, that I have continued my search for some fun printables. I keep an eye for anything new from and I check new sites each day to see if there is anything worth posting.

My first post consisted of Bookmarks, Stickers, Post Cards, invitations, Coloring Pages and Wallpapers for your Desktop. You can find these Winx printables on my site by clicking the image Below.

This time I found Paper Dolls, masks, and the alphabet coloring pages.

In the table below are the Alphabet coloring pages, Masks, and paper dolls. Feel free to download, print and create. Just remember these are for your personal use only and cannot be sold or used commercially.

Alphabet Coloring Pages (29 Pages)
Printable Winx Masks
Winx Club Paper Dolls
Flora Paper Dolls found at
Winx Club Paper Dolls Found at
Bloom 1
Bloom 2
Stella 1
Stella 2
Flora 1
Flora 2
Techna 1
Techna 2

The alphabet coloring pages and the masks are all from The paper dolls are from a couple different sites. I am looking for more Winx Club Paper Dolls to post. I would love to find some of Icy, Stormy, Darcy and more of the Winx Club Fairies. So if you know where any can be found please do share 😀 I will post them here if I like them 😀

Have fn with these printables 😀
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