8 Fun and Free Printable Christmas Paper Crafts

8 Christmas Printables
Here is a statement that will send chills through our bones if we are net yet prepared, Christmas is Tomorrow! Yeah I can’t believe it either! However, Merry Christmas Eve!

On this festive day of the year, it can be somewhat difficult to get the kids calm. The excitement of Santa Claus coming to town to deliver presents even makes me wide awake with anticipation. In my family, I have seen the excitement filter into non-stop energy. Picture the Game of Lava, where they jump from object to object and never touch the floor, however, remove the objects. The kids (and adults believe it or not) remain in the air in a destructive Tornado like force. It can be difficult to calm the masses and get them settled for a wonderful evening, unless you come prepared.



I like to be prepared for the moments of a natural-disaster energy burst with a Christmas Emergency Fun Kit. Simply fill a small box with crafts and quiet games, then, when things get crazy, pull it out and get the family involved. Be sure the activities get everyone to sit and think. I find Paper Crafts are a wonderful distraction and can easily be made with a holiday theme. Below are 8 examples of what could be great additions to any Christmas Emergency Fun Kit. Simply click on the images to fly over to the websites to download their templates and learn how to make them.

Other items that can be added are board games (avoid long games, they can cause restlessness), Coloring Pages (I have several printables ones on my blog featuring Slugterra, Princess Palace Pets, Disney’s Frozen and More), and anything else you can think of.

  1. Christmas Paper Doll
  2. 4201770299_99e4664b5d


  3. Christmas Kindness Cootie Catcher
  4. Christmas-Kindness-Cootie-Catcher-4

  5. Paper House
  6. House

  7. Lego Snowflakes
  8. Lego snowflakes header

  9. Holiday Envelopes
  10. Printable-Holiday-Envelopes-1.1

  11. Santa, Elf and Rudolph paper crafts
  12. Santa elf and rudoph paper craft

  13. Santa Chimney paper craft
  14. santa-chimney-paper-craft

  15. Snowy the Snowman paper craft
  16. snowy paper craft

  17. BONUS – Christmas Teddy Bears

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