DIY Cute Disney Snowflakes

Getting ready for the holidays is always fun when Disney is involved. I always go out of my way to find fun DIY Disney decorations that will deck my halls with a little magic. Sometimes the decorations are simply a piece of paper with well place holes to make snowflakes. Thanks to Family Disney, we have several templates of some of our favorite Disney characters.



FYI: all these snowflakes will require a craft knife. All cutting should be done by an adult.

Snowgies Snowflakes from Family Disney

First on the list of awesome snowflakes are the small little Snowman boogers from Frozen Fever called Snowgies. These snowflakes are fun and easy to make. Simply print out the template, fold along the lines, and cut the pattern out. Then hang them all over the house for the holiday!

Mickey Snowflakes from Family Disney

Second on the list of snowflakes is the classic Mickey Mouse Silhouette beautifully cut into a sheet of paper/ To make, print out the template, paste to the folded paper, and cut it out. Then make small cuts to make the perfect unique snowflakes.

Moana snowflakes from Family Disney

The third snowflake features the iconic Moana waves and oar. Print the template fold and cut to make this beautiful snowflake. You’re Welcome.

Mickey and friend Snowflakes from Family Disney

Fourth in the list is so much easier;there is no folding required. Simply print the pages, cut out the Mickey snowflake shapes, and display. Mickey Mouse and his friends will then be decorating your house in holiday cheer!

Princess Snowflakes from Family Disney

Fifth and last on the list of these fun Disney Snowflakes are the Princess Snowflakes. Like the Mickey and friends snowflakes, the princess snowflakes are a simple cut, fold in half and display. Turn them into a mobile or hang them around the house for all the princess fun.

There are so many more snowflake templates out there. Simply do a google search and the flood of designs will fall across your screen. Even I have shared other snowflakes on my blog…like the Star Wars snowflakes or the Frozen snowflakes.

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