Fun Chick Lollipop Craft from Oriental Trading

Thanks to Oriental Trading’s Free Fun Easter site, the whole family will be squawking with delight when they begin making these adorable Easter Chicks. They are perfect to give out to friends or family members! Or stuff them inside Easter Baskets for that wonderful personal touch.



These are easy to make with just four easy steps and only a few items. Simply cut out the template, Punch out the holes, slide a sucker through, and glue it to the feet. Then decorate the chick anyway you wish! Use different colored feathers to make each one unique.

Chick Lollipop Craft

  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

Items Needed

Photo and recipe from Oriental Trading

  1. Print and cut out the paper chick. Punch holes in the chick where shown.
  2. Insert the stick of the lollipop onto the paper chick as shown. Glue the paper feet to the bottom of the lollipop.
  3. Glue two feathers onto the lollipop to form wings and one feather to the top.
  4. Tie the ribbon into a bow and glue to the lollipop as shown. Allow time for your Easter craft to dry.

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