A Simple Yet Adorable Halloween Wreath

I really wanted a Halloween Wreath this year and I had searched everywhere to find one that would match my decor. unfortunately I had no such luck. While skulls and spiders may top off some parties, I needed something Purple and cute. It became obvious that I was gonna have to make one.

And you, my lucky readers will get to learn how to create such a wonderful festive Halloween Wreath that is not so creepy but hints towards cute. 😀

This Wreath is actually easy to make and requires very little time.

What you will need:
3 – 9 feet Festive Garland. I went to the dollar store and found shiny garland in 3 different designs: Orange with pumpkins, White with spiders, and Black with Purple Ghosts (my choice of course).

1 – 6 Foot Floral Wire. This can also be found at the dollar store in their floral section.

Duct Tape – I had this already, because lets face it I use Duct Tape on practically everything

1. Unwind the floral Wire.
2. Fold the wire in half
3. Fold the wire in half again lightly.
4. Place end to end and Duct Tape them together
5. Work the Wire into a circle. (It should be a double layer circle.
6. Attach one end of the 9ft garland to the Floral ring with Duct Tape
7. Tightly wrap the garland around the wire. make sure that each time you wrap the garland around the wire it is tight so that no gold wire shows through.
8. When the Garland is finished, Duct Tape it to the wire.
9. Repeat steps 6-8 for the second strand of Garland
10. For the final strand repeat steps 6-7.
11. Leave 10 inches of the Garland to form a loop so that you have a way to hang it.
12. Tie the end of the final piece of Garland to the ring to form the loop.

You now have a wreath to hang. 😀

Share your creations on my Facebook Page! I Would love to see them!

What crafts have you done to give your house that Halloween Feel?

Happy Halloween

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