Baymax Wants You To Be His Valentine!

Baymax Cares! That inflatable superhero/healthcare provider makes sure that people around him are happy and feeling good. Since love can increase your levels of happiness, it makes sense that Baymax would have his own Valentine’s Day Cards. I mean, Valentine’s Day is all about showing your friends and family that you care and/or love them.



Disney released a set of 4 Big Hero 6 Valentines Day Cards ready to print and give to everyone you care about. But you will not find this set in a store. This set of Big Hero 6 cards are Online only. And to add a little ray of love to your Valentine’s Day, these cards are FREE. Yup, simply download the PDF (for free), Print the cards, cut them out and give them out.

Here is what each card says:
“I Am Sensing Increased Levels Of Happiness. Love Must Be In The Air.”
“Hello, I Am Baymax. Will You Be My Valentine?”
“Happy Valentine’s Day! Would You Like A Hug?”
“Spending Time With Loved Ones Can Significantly Contribute To Your Well-Being”

Because this set is not in stores, it is a pretty good bet that no one else will be giving out these cards in a classroom or office party. Yes office party, we adults celebrate Valentine’s day as well.

To download this cute set click the image below and save the PDF, than simply follow the instructions to make these lovable Valentine’s Day cards and let those around you know that you care.

Baymax Valentines SKGaleana

Be sure to grab a copy of Big hero 6. Click the image below to fly over to!

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