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Nov 10 2017

The Game Mahjong Crimes is Available for Free

The game is afoot! Mahjong Crimes is now live and available for free on iOS and Android exclusively from Spil Games. Mahjong Crimes delivers your favorite elements from the classic tile game, but with a fascinating twist! Tap into your sleuthing skills as you investigate, search for clues, and solve puzzles while immersed in the …

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Oct 23 2017

Feel the Force With Yummy Star Wars Donuts

Disney Family Start the morning with Star Wars by making these yummy pancake-batter donuts decorated to look like BB-8, R2-D2, and Chewbacca. It will sure to be a Galactic Day with these yummy treats. Thanks to Disney Family, this recipe is free with detailed instructions. From BB-8 to Chewbacca, everyone has a favorite Star Wars …

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Oct 11 2017

Win Tix to see Willy Wonka & a Chance to Meet the Cast!

In the spirit of “WILLY WONKA & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY™” starring Gene Wilder, there is a wonderful Golden Ticket opportunity: The Ultimate Wonka Fan Challenge! Six lucky winners will win up to 4 tickets to see Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Live-To-Film at the Hollywood Bowl! But that’s not all, a few extra-lucky winners …

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Oct 02 2017

Mickey Mouse: Merry & Scary On DVD

Mickey and Donald are bringing laughs and merriment to not one, but two holiday seasons! Mickey Mouse: Merry & Scary is on Disney DVD and you’ll want to catch their Halloween and Christmas hijinks! When I watched these holiday episodes I couldn’t help but laugh. My favorite was Donald’s First Christmas. I had never thought …

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Sep 29 2017

WILLY WONKA Live-to-Film Two-Night Epic Event

John Stamos, “Weird Al” Yankovic and Finn Wolfhard Lead All-Star Cast in WILLY WONKA & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY™ IN CONCERT AT THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL: A LIVE-TO-FILM CELEBRATION Featuring Smell-O-Rama! FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 3 and SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 4 Warner Bros. Pictures’ classic, “WILLY WONKA & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY™” starring Gene Wilder, will be brought to life this …

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Sep 20 2017

Voltron Will be at the New York Comic-Con

Exciting news!!! DreamWorks Voltron Legendary Defender Season 4 will be debut on Netflix October 13th with six all-new episodes! Shiro, Keith, Pidge, Lance, Hunk, and Allura will all return in this new season. However, even though the gang is back together, things are not the same; Paladins have changed lions, Allura is now a Paladin, …

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Sep 04 2017

Star Wars Rebels Season 3: Thrawn and Maul

Star Wars Rebels Season 3 introduces an Expanded Universe Character into the Star Wars Canon. When the Phoenix Squad begins taking a more prominent role in the battle against the empire, they discover that their battle will be far more difficult than they imagined. Grand Admiral Thrawn, a strategic genius, begins learning about the rebels …

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Aug 03 2017

Voltron Legendary Defender Season 3 TOMORROW!

DreamWorks Voltron Legendary Defender Season 3 will debut on Netflix TOMORORW August 4th with seven all-new episodes!!! I have to admit, Voltron Legendary Defender is one of my top favorite shows that I look forward to seeing on Netflix. The announcement that Voltron will be released tomorrow has made me completely clear my schedule so …

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Jun 02 2017

Download All Four Pokémon GO Loading Screens

The Pokemon Go Team has just released several of their log in screens as HD images that can fit perfectly as a phone wallpaper! I will admit, I wish they would have released the Christmas one during the holiday season. It would have been my wallpaper all winter. Hopefully this will become a regular thing. …

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May 29 2017

OPERATE NOW: HOSPITAL is Now available for Free on iOS and Android

OPERATE NOW: HOSPITAL, the ultimate hospital simulation game, is now available for free on iOS and Android exclusively from Spil Games. In this game, players get a graphic insight into what it feels like to be a surgeon, while also managing the drama of a hospital to create a world-class medical institution. And as if …

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