Crayola Halloween Printable Activities

Halloween is a time for spooky decorations, trick-or-treating, parties, and fun activities! Sometimes there is so much excitement and noise going on that everyone just needs that moment to calm down and breath, if that is even possible. I found that sitting the kids down to color, draw, or create some cute paper crafts really helps focus their brains on something more than just the sweets provided during the next 3 months.

Doing a search for “Halloween Activities” on google will yield massive amounts of examples and creative ideas, some requiring a ton of planning and others needing very little. Sometimes that search can be a bit overwhelming when you are looking for something simple. I should know, that search is exciting and overwhelming. If you are like me you look at some of the crafts and stare in disbelief thinking how am I supposed to have time for that? I suppose that is why I gravitate towards the “Print and Create” gems scattered throughout the net.



Crayola is just one place I am constantly visiting for free coloring pages and activities that are a simple “Print and create” deal. For Halloween they have over 20 printables featuring 15 Coloring pages, Paper Crafts, Bingo, Frames, Invitations, Fortune teller, and a Maze. They are all perfect for those calming moments needed during the holidays; the are not boring but they take a little concentration to complete. The energy is filtered to a more constructive mode.

All of these printable are Halloween themed with monsters, witches, ghouls and/or Pumpkins! The best part, for all of us on a budget, they are FREE! Yup! Simply click, print and have fun!

Over 20 Crayola Halloween Printables

Click the image above to transport over to and download or print all the cool Halloween projects. Or click the links below to buy some crayons. We all need to have something to color with.