Descendants 2 Gives a Glimpse of Social Problems

There are so many ways to be wicked and in the all new Disney Movie Descendants 2, fans learn just how many ways there possibly are to be wicked. Descendants 2 in now available on Disney DVD and Digital with all its epic wickedness combined into one epic story.

The Descendants 2 continues where Descendants left off. We have a group of teenage rebels that have began a new life in the city of Auradon away from their villainous parents. Mal, Evie, Carlos and Jay continue their journey as they learn what it means to be good and make a life of their own choices. Unfortunately, Mal isn’t finding the transition as simple as she would have hoped. The constant pressure to be something different leads to a near mental breakdown causing her to run back to the Isle of the Lost.



While I wouldn’t say that this is the most epic of sequels, I do think that Descendants 2 is a wonderful musical with a great story. The themes touch on many social problems we face in life today. For example, one such theme is the way many sports still have trouble allowing a woman to play professionally on the same team as men. We still have yet to see a women on an NFL team.

Descendants 2 gives us a glimpse of the subject of women joining professional sports when Lonnie, the daughter of Fa Mulan, wishes to join Fencing. However, according to the archaic law, “section 2 paragraph 3 eleven dash four: a team will be comprised of a captain and 8 men.” Of course, like Mulan, Lonnie doesn’t give up easily, and with the help of Jay, she transforms the sport forever. Let me just say, the way it all works out makes me love this film even more.

Along with the social problems we face in real life, Descendants 2 also focuses on the repeating theme found in many Disney shows and movies: Always be yourself. It is a theme I have always liked and is very prominent in Mal’s life. As she attempts to be the good girl, she learns that she isn’t happy with the constant battle to be as others expect her to be. It takes a journey after a near mental breakdown to learn that she didn’t need to change for anyone, she was loved for who she was originally.

With such a wonderful story, I give Descendants 2 five stars. It is a wonderful continuation of the story all us fans have come to love about the Descendants franchise. The DVD is definitely worth a purchase. To top it off, the DVD also comes with an awesome necklace with five different pendants featuring the dragons for Mal, the dog bones for Carlos, The heart for Evie, the snake for Jay, and the pirate for Uma.

Descendants 2 Pendants – Front

Descendants 2 Pendants – Back

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