Dreamwork’s Spirit Riding Free Spirit of Christmas Special and Gifts

Spirit Riding Free: Spirit of Christmas is coming to Netflix December 6th! In anticipation of this upcoming Christmas feature, Dreamworks sent out a wonderful Christmas gift featuring Spirit Riding Free toys! I received this beautiful gift from Dreamworks this week! It was wrapped in beautiful red paper and tied with a bow. I placed it under the tree thinking about how great it looked with all the tree lights. It wasn’t there very long because I get too excited and usually open my gifts early. But, while it sat there for 30 seconds, I enjoyed it’s beauty and took a picture.



After the longest 30 seconds I have ever endured, I ripped off the paper and pulled out gift after gift. At that moment I realized just how much time and effort Dreamworks put into this Christmas present. I am so honored by what they have sent me and my family.

Inside I found:

  • Spirit Riding Free Spirit & Lucky Grooming Paddock
  • Spirit Riding Free Collector Doll & Horse of Bebe & Sergeant
  • Spirit Riding Free: Lucky’s Guide to Wintertime Whimsy
  • Spirit Riding Free Ornament
  • Spirit Riding Free Coffee Cup and Hot Chocolate
  • Spirit Riding Free Wrapping Paper

The first item I received was the Spirit & Lucky Grooming Paddock. This item is huge! It includes a poseable Lucky Doll, Spirit the horse, one foal, and lots of accessories to have the best Paddock around! The playset features an upstairs loft, washing station,tack storage, and corral nursery. It is such a fun item that it even includes stickers to decorate the paddock. I truly can’y believe this item was sent as a gift. It is so wonderful!

The second gift to come out of this wondrous box was the Collector Doll & Horse of Bebe & Sergeant which will be released Jan 1, 2020. They are a perfect compliment to the Spirit & Lucky Grooming Paddock. Sarge has fully groomable and soft hair..I love petting it. Time to get this horse in braided style..

Image from Amazon.com

The third item was a wonderful Christmasy book called Lucky’s Guide to Wintertime Whimsy. This interactive guidebook comes with nonfiction elements about horse care in cold weather, recipes for holiday treats, easy-to-make winter crafts, coloring pages, a poster, stencils, postcards, crafts, quizzes, games, and other seasonal activities! There are even items that pop out of the book to build and play with such as a checkers board game and little cardboard figurines. So much awesome fun!

The hot chocolate and mug, wrapping paper, and ornament were wonderful little additions to the Christmas gifts. The hot chocolate is gone but rest assured it was well enjoyed and the mug will be a fun family cup we will all love to use.

All of these items are amazing and fun. They are perfect for all of us Spirit fans and horse lovers! Thank you so much Dreamworks for the gifts. I highly recommend these fun toys!

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