Free Disney Junior Vampirina Printable Party Kit

When Vampirina moves from Transylvania to Pennsylvania with her parents, this little vampire must find ways to adapt to human life, which isn’t easy. Even the night time sleeping is a complication. But with a little perseverance and great friends, Vampirina faces each challenge with creativity and strength.

Vampirina debuted October 1st, just in time for the Halloween season. It features several monsters rendered cute for the Disney Junior audience, such as a Skeleton chef, Wolfie the werewolf, and even a monster under the bed. Parents will find the scare factor almost nil because these monsters are as cute as can be. Even the Ghost named Demi is a fun loving character.



In honor of such a creative cartoon featured on the Disney Junior channel, I created a Party Kit that all the fans (or parents of the fans) can download, print and create that will make their Vampirina party a scream.
I have made:

  • Several Banner flags featuring Vampirina, her friends, and her family along with a cute Happy Birthday Banner.
  • Several Pillow Box templates to hides monstrous treats inside.
  • Place cards, which can be used to display each child’s name at the party table, or write the name of each ghoulish food and place them on the buffet table.
  • Cupcake Wrappers and Cupcake Toppers to decorate the yummy party cakes
  • Invitations to make sure people can find the party
  • Garland to decorate the house in Vampirina style
  • To download each of these printables, simply click the image below and save the PDF to a computer. Then print and create to make the best Vampirina party ever!

    This printable party kit is free, however, I do ask for donations. These party printables can take a while to create and any amount helps keep the blog alive.

    Amount you wish to Donate

    Vampirina Party Kit Printables
    Demi Banner Flag
    Family Banner Flag
    Gregoria Banner flag
    Vampirina Banner flag
    Wolfie banner flag
    Happy Birthday Banner
    Demi Pillow Box
    Family Pillow Box
    Gregoria Pillow Box
    Vampirina Pillow Box
    Wolfie Pillow Box
    Cupcake toppers
    Cupcake wrappers
    Place Cards
    Place Cards

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