Free Halloween Trick or Treat Surprises!

It’s that time of year again where kids go door to door shouting “Trick or Treat” and collecting candy from all the neighbors. Man I miss those days. It is just not Halloween without the thrill of collecting free stuff and bags full of candy. I suppose that is why we have kids, to still have the right to collect candy.

Or so I used to think. Thanks to a fairy, I may have changed my mind a bit in the whole “Trick or Treating is for kids” idea.

One year I had a woman dressed as a fairy come to my door and say Trick or Treat. She then proceeded to explain that her child was sick and that she was collecting candy for her little one to enjoy. Honestly, while I stood there looking at the fairy, a few thoughts hit me in the head:

  1. Her poor Kid is missing out on Halloween
  2. Wait..Does she really have a kid…
  3. Could Trick or Treating actually be for adults and not just for kids? I mean, last I checked, this wasn’t a box of Trix cereal.
  4. Could all adults claim to have a sick kid and collect free candy? (is that even morally right?)
  5. Do we have to claim anything? Could we just Trick or Treat without the worry of being judged?



I have yet to get answers to my questions of trick or treating as an adult. Really, I am short enough that, if I wanted, I could put a mask on and walk up to houses and get free candy. No one would know. So far, however, I have left it to the kids. I am more into throwing a Halloween Bash with ghoulish treats and drinks. Although, I do feel a ping of regret that I no longer get the thrill of collecting free stuff.

With that being said, I figured there were others like me. And in an effort to give us a small “trick-or-treat thrill,” I have created your own Trick or Treating experience! Simply ring the doorbells by clicking the buttons and get a special surprise. But be warned, some may be tricks and not treats. Mwahahahahaha

Trick or Treat 1

Trick or Treat 2

Trick or Treat 3

Trick or Treat 4

Trick or Treat 5

Trick or Treat 6

Trick or treat Doorbells