Free LoliRock Printables and Activities

Netflix is streaming a very cute and fun animated cartoon known as LoliRock. With similarities to “The Winx” and “The Glitter Force,” this french cartoon takes the main characters on a journey of learning that doing good for others will beat evil and make the world a better place.

The story begins with Iris, a 15 year old teenage girl, struggling to find her place in the world. She loves to sing, but singing makes strange things happen. When she is encouraged to try out for a female rock band, she discovers that there is a reason for all the mishaps that happen around her; she happens to be a magical princess from Ephedia! Iris also learns that her real parents are being held captive by Gramorr, and as princess of Ephedia, it is her job to save them.

With the help of her new friends and fellow princesses, Talia princess of Xeris and Auriana princess of Volta, Iris begins her quest of finding all the Oracle Gems to restore the crown of Ephedia and take back her home. To hide their identities, Iris, Talia and Auriana form the rock band LoliRock. However, evil never takes a break and the princesses adventures become extremely difficult when Mephisto and Praxina get involved with the help and backing from Gramorr and Banes. In order to stop these evil doers the princesses must transform using their families talismans to become more powerful.

Within the task of saving Ephedia, the audience, adults and kids alike, will enjoy the sub-story lines as the main characters learn that helping other will always make good triumph over evil even when all seems hopeless. Never give up, never give into evil, and always help those in need.



I enjoyed this series so much so that I had to see what the official website has for fans of LoliRock. While it is in French, which makes it a little difficult to navigate, finding the “Goodies” section wasn’t too difficult. The goodies consist of several printables including: masks, photos, wallpapers, paper crafts, coloring pages and more.

Inspired by their collection of freebies, I decided to make some of my own to go along with the ones they posted. To go with their party invitations and other party supplies, I created cupcake toppers and wrappers, Toothpick toppers, Party Photo frame, and party banners featuring Iris, Talia, Auriana, and the adorable Amaru. I also made a few school goodies: pencil Toppers and a class Schedule Notebook.

To download these fun printables click the images below and save the PDF or image to your computer. Then print and create for tons of LoliRock fun!

Made by SKGaleana
Banner 1
Banner 2
Banner 3
Banner 4
Toothpick Toppers
Class Schedule Notebook
Pencil Toppers
Photo Frame
Cupcake Toppers
Cupcake wrappers

The printables below are
found on
check the site out for more fun and games as well
Coloring Page LoliRock Group Photo 1
Coloring Page Amaru
Coloring Page Gramorr and Banes
Coloring Page LoliRock Group Photo 2
Coloring Page LoliRock Group Photo 3
Coloring Page Amaru
Coloring Page Mephisto and Praxina
Coloring Page Nathaniel
Coloring Page LoliRock Group Photo 4
Talia Mask
Auriana mask
Amaru mask
Iris Mask
Door Hanger
DIY Crown
Auriana Photo
Iris Photo
Talia Photo
Amaru Photo
LoliRock Playset
Amaru Papercraft
LoliRock Poster
LoliRock Wallpapers

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