Free Printables for Disney’s Animated Movie The Little Mermaid

Little Mermaid Free Printables at SKGaleana
After posting the cubeecraft of Ariel The little Mermaid, I went on a hunt for some cool party printables and activity/papercraft printables. I have plans to throw a “YAY it is out on Blu Ray!” Celebration hahaha!

During my search I discovered that there are a ton of coloring pages out there and they are very easy to find. So I am posting printables that may be a little more difficult to find, especially since Disney Jr has changed their website and changed all the printables that they used to have. Some of these I had to find on the UK Disney site in order to share. If you wish to find coloring pages for the little Mermaid, simply go to your favorite search engine, select images, and search “Little Mermaid Free Printables” or “Little Mermaid Coloring” You are sure to find everything you need for a large coloring book.
There are also a ton of printables out there such as frames, bookmarks, and other crafts. All you have to do is search “Little Mermaid Frames” to find a massive amount of awesome free printables that are Photoshop ready.



The list of sites I used to find these glorious free printables is at the end of this blog. You can go to the sites and see if there is anything else you like or what I may have missed 😀
With exception to the cubeecrafts, these Disney printables do not belong to me. I am simply sharing what I found around the web.

Official synopsis: One of the most celebrated animated films of all time and winner of two Academy Awards, The Little Mermaid tells the story of Ariel (voiced by Jodi Benson), a fun-loving and mischievous mermaid, is off on the adventure of a lifetime with her best friend, the adorable Flounder (Jason Marin), and the reggae-singing Caribbean crab Sebastian (Samuel E. Wright) at her side. But it will take all of her courage and determination to make her dreams come true and save her father’s beloved kingdom from the sneaky sea witch Ursula (Pat Carroll).

Free The Little Mermaid Printables

Paper Dolls
Paper Dolls By Cory
SKGaleana Cubeecraft
SKGaleana Cubeecraft
miss missy paperdolls
Memory Games
Disney Print It
Party Printables
Thank You Card
Ariel’s Crown
Hair Flare
Ariel Playset
Match the pictures
Little Mermaid Lyrics
Kiss the Girl
Part of Your World
Under the Sea
Ariel Puppet
Eric Puppet
Sebastian Puppet
Ursula Puppet
Flounder Puppet
Flounder Pinwheel

This free printable is to celebrate the new Diamond Edition of The Little Mermaid being released on Oct. 1, 2013.
Can you answer all the questions?

Sites used to gather all these fun free Disney Printables in one location…
Paper Dolls By Cory
Disney Family Go
Disney UK
miss missy paperdolls

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