Halloween Mask of Amon a Character from Avatar The Legend of Korra

Halloween is coming up fast. Stores are full with Decor and costumes. The motion sensor screaming ghosts are back to their old tricks (they just can’t leave me alone haha).

There are a ton of costumes out there on display. and many of them will make children very happy, but I found a shortage of anything Avatar related (The Last Airbender or Legend of Korra).

Wanting to add some Avatar Flare to Halloween and because I am an absolutely printable fanatic, I created a Halloween mask of Amon. All that is required is the hood for a down right awesome display of Amon.



Remember that this mask is printable. It will not work in the rain and its durability is paper-thin, but if you are looking for something free and easy to use than this mask may just fit your needs.

To make this mask:
1. Print this out on Cardstock
2. Cut the design out along the outer black solid line.
3. There are two white dots to the right and to the left. Punch a hole in those dots.
4. Tie a string or a length of yarn through one hole. Wrap it around the head and attach it two the second hole so that the mask is now secure on your face.
5. You are now ready to add the hood and begin your celebrations 😀

To print this, click on the image above 😀

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