LEGO Mini Figure Jackpot With The Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar

Talk about Jackpot! I think I may have found one of the coolest Star Wars Christmas Toys! It may be because I am a huge Lego fan, but no one can deny how epic this Star Wars Advent Calendar is with all the cool mini figurines!

I found this awesome Lego set by accident when I was looking for some cool star wars Christmas items to share with all my readers. There I was just scanning all the cool items on Amazon. I clicked on a Star Wars Lego set, drooling as I read the details. When out of the corner of my eye I saw a picture of other kits they recommend. There, in all its glory, was the Advent Calendar. At first I thought it would be little Lego chocolates, because let’s face it, that would be the best Advent Calendar I could find, at least that is what I was thinking at the time. Turns out getting 24 mini figures of star wars characters, including a Darth Vader in a Santa suit made my chocolate wishes disappear. And to my surprise the price did not reach into the 100s! Accidents like these need to happen every day.

Well I was just so excited, I had to share my discovery. Click the pictures to enlarge them and see all the fun characters available.

    Spend the festive period on icy planet Hoth with the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar! Open up a door each December day to reveal a cool Star Wars themed gift, including minifigures starships, vehicles and more. Once you have all 24 gifts, unfold the playmate and act out hilarious Hoth-based scenes that everyone in the family will love to watch. This is the perfect holiday gift for LEGO Star Wars fans from any galaxy.(

Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar

Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar2

Below are the 24 mini figures that will be gifted each day in this Calendar. I think the R2 Christmas Tree and the Darth Vader Santa are the top figures in the bunch ๐Ÿ˜€
Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar3

You can grab a set on and join me in celebrating Christmas in Star Wars Style! ๐Ÿ˜€

May the Force Be with you!

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