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Free Cubeecraft Paper Craft of Rebecca Cunningham from TaleSpin

Rebecca Cunningham is a savvy business woman in Disney’s TV Series TaleSpin, “The name of the show is a play on tailspin; the rapid, often fatal, descent of an aircraft in a steep spiral. The two words in the show’s name, tale and spin are a way to describe telling a story” (Disney Wikia). She …

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Free Cubeecraft Paper Craft of Ulrich from Code Lyoko

Ulrich Stern is a member of the Lyoko Warriors, a team bent on defeating an artificial intelligence known as X.A.N.A. Ulrich and his friends Odd, Yumi, Jeremy and Aelita fight X.A.N.A. by entering the world of Lyoko, a computer program with several zones and towers. These towers get activated by X.A.N.A. and must be turned …

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Code Lyoko Cubeecrafts

aelita yumi ishiyama jeremie belpois ulrich odd

Free Cubeecraft of Foop from Fairly Odd Parents

Every Fairy in Fairy World has an anti-fairy. Wanda, who is smart and thinks things through, has an Anti-Fairy that is stupid. Cosmo, who is in need of a few brain cells, has an Anti-Fairy that is smart and conniving. It only stands to reason that Poof, the only Fairy born in 1000 years, would …

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Super Dad Teddy Bear Cubeecraft

Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings at a single bound! Super Dad is here to save the day in all his Teddy Bear cuteness just in time for Father’s Day! Using the iconic colors of Superman, I created this Super Dad teddy Bear cubeecraft to embody …

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Super Mom Teddy Bear Cubeecraft for Mother’s Day

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! No…It’s Super Mom as a Teddy Bear! I was sitting at my computer creating the Super Mom Printable Party Set for Mother’s Day when I had an ingenious idea…Why not make a Cubeecraft Teddy Bear of Super Mom! A mask, an insignia, and pretty purples and pinks will make …

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Lady Tremaine Cubeecraft from Cinderella

Affected by the green eyed monster. Lady Tremaine (or the evil stepmother) is a nasty Disney Villain. When it came to Cinderella’s happiness, Lady Tremaine did everything she could to destroy it. Especially when it came to her love for the Prince/ Instead of enjoying such a happy occasion that one of her daughters would …

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Maleficent Cubeecraft from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty

Who is one of the most epic Disney Villains of all time? Well that is a debate that has been going on since the villains have entered the Disney world. But surely an argument can be made that Maleficent is one of the most evil. She is also very popular right now in movies and …

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Hiro Hamada Cubeecraft from Big Hero 6

The massively inventive genius, Hiro, is the reason Baymax becomes a super hero. To find his brothers killer, Hiro creates a super hero team up with Baymax the medical robot. Hiro has black hair, fair skin and a genius brain. His clothes are pretty standard for a 14 year old featuring a super hero t-shirt, …

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Cubeecraft of Baymax from Big Hero 6

“Hello. I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion.” Baymax cares, well that is what he was created for. As an inflatable nurse he can scan the injured or sick and find what is best to help them or cure them. But to Hiro, Baymax is his closest friend and a hero, after some reprogramming and …

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