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Kitty Litter Cake Recipe for April Fools Day

It’s that time of year again. The day where all of us pranksters come out and really make a day worth remembering! After all, April First is the day of pranks and laughs. I know in my house we have to watch for plastic wrap over the toilet seat, crazy sounds, and random doors exploding …

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Voltron: Legendary Defender is Coming to Netflix

Let me just take a moment and be the geek that I am as a scream for joy about the fact that Voltron is entering my life once more! The 1980’s cartoon was something I loved to watch as a kid. The fact that five lion robots became an even bigger and better robot Titan …

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Cute Easter Bible Cookies Recipe

It’s Easter! Time for the Easter Egg hunts, Easter Games and of course Easter Treats. This Easter, remind your family and friends why we celebrate this day by creating a few inspirational recipes for the party goers to enjoy. After all, Jesus, the Son of God, was the ultimate sacrifice. He died on the cross …

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Breaking News! The new Star Wars: The Force Awakens deleted scenes sneak peek clip is now available! And Guess What…You can view it below! If that doesn’t get you geeking out I don’t know what will. You can view the full deleted scenes on the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Digital HD and Blu-ray Combo …

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Whisker Haven Tales Coloring Page of Mr. Chow

Mr. Chow is a Critterzen from Whisker Haven. He runs the kibble shop and loves encouraging the Critterzens and Palace Pets to fill up on kibble. His appetite comes in one size only — large! I haven’t seen him in any of the episodes yet, but he was featured on the Disney Whisker Haven Tales …

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Yummy Easter Bunny Pretzel Recipe

A few years back, I was searching the internet for some fun and yummy Easter Treats that I could serve to my family and friends that were arriving for an awesome Easter celebration. I wanted the snacks to be themed and cute. I came across this beauty on‘s Free and Fun site. Not only …

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Season 3 of VEGGIETALES: IN THE HOUSE is Arriving on Netflix

Your favorite faithful Veggies are dancing their way into Season 3 when DreamWorks Animation’s VEGGIETALES: IN THE HOUSE Season 3 arrives exclusively on Netflix March 25! Just in time for Easter, the faith‐based adventures of Bob, Larry, and their veggie housemates continue in season 3, where they are not only working on being the best …

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Nick Wilde’s Pawpsicles Recipe from Zootopia

Leave it to Nick Wilde from Zootopia to figure out how to make money by selling Popsicles in the shape of paw prints. He starts with an elephant size popcicle, freezes it in paw print molds made by his accomplice, and sells them to gerbils as pawpsicles. On top of that, he then sells the …

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Printable Paper Doll of the Blue Fairy from Pinocchio

Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, Have the wish I make tonight. I wish I had a Blue Fairy Paper Doll. Well Paper Dolls By Cory has answered your wish! He has made a beautiful rendition of the Blue Fairy from Pinocchio in honor …

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Zootopia Party Printables and Fun Activities

In Zootopia, you can be whatever you want to be as long as you have the drive and the attitude to succeeded. Judy, a bunny, wants to be a cop, but in the world of predators and prey, she must battle to be just as good if not better than her competition. When she finally …

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