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Free Printables from Disney’s Movie Zootopia

Zootopia is out today on blu-ray, DVD and Digital! Yes, I am just a little excited because I found this movie wonderfully hilarious. Turns out a fox and a bunny can work together to save the city and lay down the justice. After all, in Zootopia anyone can be anything…with hard work, determination, and Mr. …

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Sofia The First The Secret Library Free Printable Activity Pack

On June 7th, Sofia the First: The Secret Library will be released on DVD. I suppose that means the secret library is no longer a secret. hahaha In this magical new feature Sofia unlocks a secret world and becomes storykeeper of magical books. Sofia teams up with some amazing and fun characters including Merida from …

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Free Lego Genie Printable Coloring Page

The Disney movie Aladdin features a bizarre but lovable character voiced by Robin Williams. If you guessed the Genie, than you are 100% correct! The Genie’s only wish is freedom, but to get free, his master must sacrifice a wish and wish for his freedom. How often does that happen? Pretty close to never. However, …

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DreamWorks Voltron Legendary Defender Printables

On Friday, June 10th, Netflix is releasing an all new animated series from DreamWorks called “Voltron Legendary Defender” with a one-hour origin story plus 10 twenty-two minute episodes! When Five unsuspecting teenagers are transported from Earth into the middle of a sprawling intergalactic war they become pilots for five robotic lions in the battle to …

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Free Lego Aladdin Printable Coloring Page

The Disney movie Aladdin features a street rat living on the streets of Agrabah. However, despite his small status in terms of riches and kingdoms, Aladdin is considered to be a “Diamond in the Rough” and the only one worthy to enter the Cave of Wonders. this fact leads Aladdin on an all new adventure …

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Star Wars Rebels Cubeecraft Paper Craft of Sabine

Sabine Wren is a sassy Mandalore that prefers to help the weak with her shoot first and ask questions later attitude. Versed in weaponry and explosives, this 16 year old girl is far from defenseless, she let’s her weapons do the talking. In fact, to better promote the Rebel alliance and to promote her artistic …

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MICKEY MOUSE CLUBHOUSE: Mickey’s Sport-Y-Thon Activities & Coloring Pages

Mickey and his friends are coming back May 24th in an all new Disney Junior DVD collection called, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Sport-Y-Thon! This collection features SIX Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes for the little ones to enjoy. Mickey’s Sport-Y-Thon Mickey’s Mousekeball! Donald’s Brand New Clubhouse Mickey’s Mousekedoer Adventure Mickey’s Mystery! Mickey’s Happy Mousekeday I got …

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Free Lego Maleficent Printable Coloring Page

The Disney movie Sleeping Beauty features one of the most evil villains in the Disney Princess stories. Maleficent cursed a baby with the possibility of eternal sleep because she was shunned and not invited to the party. Maleficent didn’t even want the kingdom for herself,she simply wanted the princess to sleep forever. She even takes …

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Disney’s Movie: The Finest Hours Review

I received the opportunity to review the Disney Movie “The Finest Hours” staring Chris Pine and Casey Affleck. So I opened the case and placed the movie in my PlayStation, grabbed my note pad and pen, and sat down on the couch ready to take a bunch of notes for an all inclusive review that …

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Free Lego Captain Hook Printable Coloring Page

The Disney movie Peter Pan features an iconic villain with a hook for a hand. Living in Neverland, Captain Hook’s primary goal is to destroy Peter Pan and the lost boys by any means necessary, even if it mean kidnapping children and threatening to kill them. Nothing is too devious for old Hook. Captain Hook …

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