Printable Halloween Spooky Paper Lanterns


Halloween is getting close! The excitement is literally building. I am already decorating, pumpkin carving and having a blast making DIY projects with the family. Halloween just isn’t Halloween without a few fun DIY projects. Whether it be a homemade Halloween Wreath or Ghostly decorations, we come together with glue guns in hand ready to take Halloween by storm.

This year, We made several paper lanterns and hung them in LED lights to shine up the house. They are perfect for our Halloween party and they are a spooky addition to the decor. Of course, if you don’t want to hang these little lanterns, you can always display them on tables, desks, or anywhere that needs a touch of Halloween. These lanterns come in 4 different colors: Red, green, purple, and orange. If you want a different color, I could probably make that for you and add it to the list. They feature a Black Cat, Jack-o-lantern, A spider in it’s web, and a Skull.



If you like what you see or download these adorable creations, please consider donating. It takes a lot of time to make these fun printables and every little donation helps.

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To make:

  • Download the PDF by clicking the images below
  • Print on Cardstock
  • Cut out the lantern around the outer solid black lines.
  • Fold along the inner dotted lines
  • Fold top panels outward (color sides together) and then upward to form the top of the lantern and glue in place.
  • Glue side tab to the opposite edge to form the square
  • Curve the handle over and glue the tab underneath the opposite edge.
  • String on LED lights or display on tables





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