Time to Celebrate October With Free Printables

Guess what…IT IS OCTOBER!!! This month I will be releasing tons of fun printables just for the Halloween season! Oh yeah! I have been working hard at getting these done so that everyone can have a spooktacular Halloween!

What could these awesome printables be? Well your in luck because I may just have a few spoilers for you!



Every Friday, starting October 2nd, I will bring out one creepy and scary ghoul from Slugterra. That will make five new coloring pages featuring Ghouled slugs! These guys are evil little monsters ready to destroy what they hit! Use the checklist below to collect all five Ghouled Slug Coloring Pages. The checklist uses shadows of what the slugs might be. See if you can guess each one and find out if you were right every Friday!.

Slugterra Halloween Collection Checklist by SKGaleana1

As stated on my DeviantArt, Facebook and Twitter pages, I am releasing Hotel Transylvania 2 Cubeecrafts! We have Seen Dracula and Mavis but more are to come! In fact, every Wednesday another cubeecraft will be featured on my blog with 2 cubeecrafts making their debut on Saturday Halloween Day! That is 8 new cubeecrafts! The two posters below may give you an idea of who will become a cubeecraft. Again, only the shadows are displayed. Gotta savor the excitement!

Hotel Transylvania 2 Cubeecraft poster

Hotel Transylvania 2 Cubeecraft poster8

There will be more awesomeness as October rolls on! Keep a watchful eye out and have fun this October!

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