2024 Shark Week Printable Activities

The Discovery website has updated their Shark Week Schedule! We now have episodes, times, and dates for the most epic season of the year! We can look forward to learning about Great Whites in the North, about a 6000-pound shark, find out more about Hammerheads, watch a brand new episode of Caught! When Sharks Attack, and so much more! The line up starts July 7 and is hosted by John Cena!

I think I am most excited for the brand new episode of Caught! My family recently discovered this series where they take events caught on camera and share them in a 30-min episode with some snarky and fun comments. They feature crooks, natural disasters, crazy animals, human error, and so much more. Don’t ask me why it’s so fascinating, but it is. Caught will be doing an episode all about shark attacks, and my guess is that this episode will be an interesting one to watch.

I also look forward to anything about Great Whites, especially since they are one of my favorite sharks. I have a sneaky suspicion that the 6000-pound shark episode will actually be about an enormous Great White (yay). I truly hope we get to see Dickie Chivell and his crazy antics. He is one of my favorite Shark Week biologist because of the insane feats that he attempts. From staying underwater for several days to riding a board to get the best Air Jaws photo, Dickie does it all.

To celebrate the new Shark Week Schedule Update, I made a few printable activities to help fans enjoy Shark Week 2024! Below you will find:

  • Shark Week Maze,
    • Start at the top and find your way to the Shark Week beach chair
  • Shark Fun! Sudoku,
    • Using the letters SHARKFUN! finish the sudoku puzzle.
  • Shark Week Dots Game,
    • Draw lines to form squares, when all squares are completed the person with the most points win
  • Shark Week Facts Notebook,
    • Use this notebook to fill in the facts you learn each day. It’s a great way to learn and reference later.
  • Shark Week picture frame.
    • Take a picture of the family enjoying Shark Week and place it in the frame. It becomes the perfect memorabilia.

To download these printables click the image below and save the PDFs to your computer. Then print and create for tons of Shark Week fun!

2024 Shark Week Printables
Shark Facts Notebook
Shark Frame
Shark Week Maze
Shark Fun! Sudoku
Shark Week Dots Game
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