A Printable Coloring Page of Glimmer from The Princess Palace Pets

The cat’s ‘meow’ certainly has to be Glimmer from the Princess Palace Pets. Her dark purple stripes, light purple fur, and red accessories all sparkle with a beautiful glimmer. Of course, being one of Tiana’s Princess Palace Pets, Glimmer also features a lily pad on her tiara and a green gem on her collar/necklace.

Since she never received an official story before Disney cancelled the franchise, we can only guess about her character. I like to think she is a clean freak, always making sure the area around her is perfectly spotless with that new clean shine. She loves to help Tiana in the kitchen, making sure the food taste divine. However, even with her need for perfection, Glimmer is also a fun loving kitten that will attend bayou concerts, chase fluffy toys, and even get into a bit of mischief when no one is looking.



Glimmer’s Story (written by Marissa Grubbs, an avid Palace Pet fan):
Glimmer met Tiana at the Firefly Music Festival in the bayou when she was surrounded by a lot of fireflies. They flitted around her, making pretty designs with their blinking lights. Tiana invited the tabby cat to come and join her during the festival. Glimmer jumped into Tiana’s arms as if she was saying “yes”

The coloring page features Glimmer with her adorable Palace Pets paw print marking. To download the Glimmer Coloring Page simply click the image below and save the PDF to your computer. Then print, color, and display. If you want Glimmer to become a puppet:

  1. print the coloring page on thick cardstock
  2. Color the kitten to your liking
  3. Cutout the Glimmer along the outer solid black line
  4. make a kickstand out of cardboard.
  5. Glue the kickstand to the back of Glimmer (or glue Glimmer to a popsicle stick)
  6. Let dry
  7. Display