A Printable Coloring Page of Skyla from The Princess Palace Pets

Skyla was going to be a Princess Palace Pet for princess Elsa. However, the Princess Palace Pets discontinued and Elsa had become a queen. So, sadly, Skyla never made it beyond a possibility. We do know from a concept image what Skyla was supposed to look like.



Skyla is a light blue artic fox with a slightly darker tail. She wears gold jewelry and a blue bow. Her hair and style mimics that of Elsa’s. style.

Skyla Story
The story is not canon. It was actually written by a long-time Palace Pet fan, Marissa Grubbs (Thank you Marissa Grubbs):

Skyla the Arctic Fox – She met Elsa one day on the first day of winter. She was starting to make the snow until a sleeping fox popped up.

The coloring page features Skyla with her necklace, crown, and bow. To download the Skyla Coloring Page simply click the link below the image and save the PDF to your computer. Then print, color, and display. If you want Skyla to become a puppet:

  1. print the coloring page on thick cardstock
  2. Color the fox to your liking
  3. Cutout the fox along the outer solid black line
  4. make a kickstand out of cardboard.
  5. Glue the kickstand to the back of the fox (or glue Skyla to a popsicle stick)
  6. Let dry
  7. Display

SKYLA Princess Palace Pets Coloring Page – PDF

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