Baby Shark’s Big Show is Now on DVD!

Get ready for fin-tastic fun with Baby Shark, based on the world famous pop culture phenomenon! Baby Shark’s Big Show is a brand new DVD release featuring eight episodes of the hit show and four special features! This DVD collection takes fans on a swim into Carnivore Cove where Pinkfong Preschoolers and their families will have a jaw-some time with Baby Shark and his friends. Baby Shark’s Big Show is now available on DVD at (affiliate link).

I had no idea there was a cartoon based off of the world-wide popular song Baby Shark (d o do do do do do) until I received the request to review the Baby Shark Big Show DVD. Honestly, I first heard the song somewhere in between 2017 and 2018 when my entire life became the Baby Shark song because the younger kids in the family never stopped singing it. But here we are, Baby Shark makes it to DVD with eight episodes from the Nickelodeon show and four bonus features.

I am pleasantly surprised to say that the Baby Shark’s Big Show is fun to watch. I’ll admit, I was worried that it was gonna be 20 minutes of nothing but, “Baby Sharks do do do do do do do Baby Shark do do do do do do do Baby Shark.” Let me just say, it is not. Each episode has a well thought out story, with a moral or fun adventure, which takes preschoolers on a trip through a wonderfully imaginative world.. There are also several original catchy tunes that the entire family can dance and sing to. From finding teeth to hunting for treasure, Baby Shark’s Big Show keeps the minds entertained!

After watching the adorable baby shark explore the ocean while becoming a superhero, facing his fears and so much more, I have to give this DVD five stars. The bright colors and fun stories will be a magnet for any Baby Shark Pinkfong fans!

More About The Baby Shark’s Big Show:

The episodes included in Baby Shark’s Big Show DVD are:

  • Baby Shark’s Big Show episodes:
    • Fish Friends Forever
    • Baby Tooth
    • Slobber Slug
    • Super Shark
    • William vs. Wild
    • Legendary Loot
    • Yup Day
    • When You Wish Upon a fish
  • Special Features:
    • A Crumb of a Clue
    • The Bunny Slug
    • Operation Cool Quest
    • No Time for Timeouts

Baby Shark’s Big Show synopsis:
Join Baby Shark and his best bud William as they journey on fun-filled comedic adventures in their community of Carnivore Cove! See Baby Shark and friends enter a battle of the bands, find a lost tooth, hunt for legendary treasure, plus so much more. Every day is filled with jaw-some fun, new friends, family, and original catchy tunes!

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