Blaze and the Monster Machines: Dino Derby Review

Get ready for some fast driving Dino excitement in the all new DVD release Blaze and the Monster Machines Dino Derby! Thanks to Paramount Home Entertainment and Nickelodeon Home Entertainment, Blaze and the Monster Machines Dino Derby arrived on DVD February 1, 2022, for the suggested retail price of $10.99. This episode collection features Blaze and Zeg busting through obstacles to ride the amazing Dino Coaster, Blaze and AJ saving Zeg, Blaze and Zeg team up to compete in the Dino Derby, and more! Grab this DVD from (affiliate link).

The four episodes included in the DVD are:

  • Dino Derby
  • Dinosaur Parade
  • Dino Coaster
  • Dino Dash

Dino Derby

Dino Derby is about Blaze joining Zeg in the most epic Dino race. After tricking out his vehicle to look like a dinosaur, Blaze joins the Dino Derby. This episode takes two things a young audience loves, dinosaurs and trucks, and blends them together to make a fantastic interactive race.

Dinosaur Parade

Dinosaur Parade features a marvelous parade that may be facing ruin if Blaze can’t help save the day when seven dinosaurs find themselves in high-flying fun. After a freak accident with an oil slick, several dinosaurs crash into balloons and end up floating away from the parade. It is up to Blaze and his friends to find them and bring them back safe.

Dino Coaster

After the all important ticket that would let Blaze and his friends ride the Dino Coaster gets lost, Blaze, AJ, and Zeg embark on a mission to track it down. The adventure takes Blaze and his friends through construction sites, through pinatas, and even a pie factory. It will take everyone to get that ticket and repair the chaos it creates.

Dino Dash

When a baby ankylosaurus accidently gets Zeg stuck in a mud pit, it is up to Blaze and AJ to help him get out. Blaze must avoid hot lava, dosge rocks, and so much more to help his friend.

These episodes embody everything Blaze and the Monster Machines is about. With audience interaction, fun teamwork, and amazing development of problem solving skills, I think Blaze and the Monster Machines: Dino Derby DVD is a great collection that any fan would love to have. It gets fives stars.

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