Cubeecraft of Baymax from Big Hero 6

“Hello. I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion.” Baymax cares, well that is what he was created for. As an inflatable nurse he can scan the injured or sick and find what is best to help them or cure them. But to Hiro, Baymax is his closest friend and a hero, after some reprogramming and attachments. Baymax with the help of Hero becomes a Big hero and goes from robot to artificial intelligence. Also he is very cute!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This Cubeecraft features Baymax without his superhero uniform.

Materials needed:
Card stock
Craft knife

To make:

  1. Cut out each item along the outer black lines.
  2. Cut along the white on each tab using the Craft knife
  3. Cut along each red line using the Craft knife
  4. Fold along each inner solid black line and slide each tab into the slots created with a Craft knife to form a cube of the head, arms, and feet. The body will make a square tear drop shape.
  5. Slide the arms through the red slots on either side of the body.
  6. Slide the feet through the red slots at the base of the body.
  7. Slide the the head into the red slots at the top of the body.

He is done. To download this cubeecraft click the links below and save them to your computer. Then print and create!

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    • Kiara on 09/24/2018 at 14:52

    Nice! I love Baymax!

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