CW Releases Our First Look at The Flash!

CW released an awesome trailer featuring Arrow and The Flash today! I think I have watched this trailer a dozen times in the last 30 minutes.

At first I thought this trailer was for Season 3 of Arrow. I mean, the first thing I saw was The Arrow. He approaches a paper target and pulls out an arrow. After he sends the arrow flying through the air, something downright awesome happens. Watch the trailer because a description will not do it justice and no one wants to miss the minute of pure Geekiness this trailer resonates. While you watch this trailer be sure to follow the instructions: Don’t blink or you’ll miss The Flash. No part of that trailer is worth missing even for a second. 😀

CW has announced that the Flash TV series will begin this fall. It will be a spin-off to The TV series Arrow, meaning they will exists in the same universe. And according to the trailer, We will also get to see several interactions between the two characters. Too bad we can’t make time go as fast as Flash so we can start watching the series now. 😀

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