Disney’s new Disney Movies Anywhere App and Website

Are you Excited? Disney’s Frozen was released digitally Feb 25, 2014. And with Disney’s new “Disney Movies Anywhere” app You can watch Frozen literally anywhere.

Disney Movies Anywhere is a service that allows you to browse and watch your Collection of Disney, Pixar, and Marvel movies along with bonus material and exclusive videos. You can easily manage your digital movie collection and instantly stream and download your favorite Disney movies across your devices. Plus, for the first time, you can earn points towards great rewards with your digital purchases and enjoy special clips and features from your favorite movies. It’s fun for the whole family.

How? Well it is very simple. Just head over to their website and sign up. Or if you already have an existing Disney account all you have to do is sign in and accept the terms. From there all your Disney movies that have digital copies will be added as you get them and you can stream them on your favorite devices.

Connect Disney Movies Anywhere to Your iTunes account and get the Disney Movie Incredibles for free. I am not sure how long this promotion will last so get it while you can. 😀

If you are a Disney Movie Rewards member, signing up for Disney Movies Anywhere will give you 100 points. That will get you a few printables or go towards an item you really want.

Click to go to the Disney Movies Anywhere Website:

So to recap:
We get the ability to stream Disney movies for free
We get a Free Disney movie (Incredibles)
and We get 100 Disney Reward points

I don’t know about you but I am very happy.
Now excuse me while I go buy Frozen and watch it several hundred times 😀

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