Free Printable Arrow Bookmarks

I am just gonna put it out there, I am a huge fan of Arrow the TV show. The last season ended in a perfect array of happiness, which for me was epic. Lately, all the books and movies I have been watching and reading have ended with so many of my favorite characters dying, I needed that one glimmer hope. I am so glad Arrow could give me that. Now comes the hardest part…waiting for the next season.

Since Stephen Amell will be portraying Casey Jones in the next Ninja Turtles movie, it may be a while before the next season is produced and released. Therefore, I have created a little something that all us arrow fans can take with us to keep the series close as we wait. Like I said, I read a lot of books, so I figured bookmarks would be the best way to sport my Arrow fandom.

These bookmarks are designed after the Arrow cubeecraft I created. (To grab the free printable paper craft, scroll to the bottom of this post and click the cubeecraft image.)

The bookmarks feature a block design of Arrow himself, a view of his mask, and his quiver. They are free to download. Click the image and save the PDF to your computer. Then it is simple to print and create. These Arrow bookmarks will not fail your books. They will save your location with pride and geekiness.

While these are free to download, I do accept donations to help keep the hobby alive. Simply click the paypal button to send a $5.00 donation. This is not a requirement, just a simple request if you find they are worth a donation. ENJOY!

$5.00 USD

Arrow Bookmarks by SKGaleana

The arrow Cubeecraft mentioned above can be found on my blog by clicking the image below.
Arrow Cubeecraft 3d by SKGaleana small