Free Printables and Downloads for The Smurfs and Smurfs 2

Trying to throw a Smurfs Party or find some decent printables is actually a little more difficult than expected. While there are a ton of coloring pages out there (just search: free printables smurfs color), there wasn’t much in the way of unique collectible printables.
I did however find a few that were worth sharing. Not all of them come from the Smurfs 2 movie but they will certainly help with any party planning or to just help you increase your digital hoard.
Below you will find Invitations, Cupcake toppers, stickers, papercrafts, cubeecrafts, activities and more. Go through the images below to find ones you will like. Some of the blocks below do not have images, click the links and you will be taken to the download.

These are all free and ready to be printed. 😀 I did not make these printables. I found them on the web and have put them together in one place

Smurf Invitations by ebirthday invitations
Official Smurf Website Smurf Happens
download icons, wallpapers and social media covers from Smurf happens downloads Download Smurfy sayings from the Smurf Soundboard icons, wallpapers and social media covers
Smurf soundboard
Valentines cards from Rockin Mama
Smurf Taxi from
Smurf invitation from Party Wizard
Papa Smurf cubeecraft
Smurf printables from Tracy Schimper
Cupcake toppers
Bag toppers
Smurf printables from Family Shopping Bag
Smurf treat box
Smurf Stickers
Smurf printables from The Smurfs
Door Hangers Bookmarks Smurfette Papercraft

Here is a printable activity pack from the Smurf Website:

I hope you enjoy this collection of Smurfy Printables. If you find others that are really unique (Like the ones from Uhu, I can’t seem to find their cute papercrafts) Please share in the comments section below so that I may place them in the list of printables.

Thanks for Reading