Insight Editions Has Released Official MINECRAFT Coloring Books!

Thanks to Insight Editions’ dedication to bringing us unique books and products that help readers and artists engage with fan-favorite characters and stories, Minecraft fans are getting two official coloring books. The first book is The Official Minecraft Coloring Adventures Book and the second book is The Official Minecraft Coloring Book: Create, Explore, Relax. Each book features different scenes to interact with as the artist colors the page in their desired colors. Both books are available now from (affiliate links) for the suggested retail prices of $12.99 and $10.99.

I received these two books from Insight Editions and I can’t wait to share my thoughts.

The Official Minecraft Coloring Adventures Book is geared towards kids and their love of all things Minecraft. With over 45 pages of square characters, creatures, and builds, the pages are engaging and fun to color. Inside there are Minecraft bees, axolotls, pigs, dolphins, dragons and more. Since this is a coloring book, artists can actually color the animals their rare color. For example, finding a blue axolotl in the game is very difficult, but using this book, we can color a rare blue axolotl and make it simple.

The art in this book is fantastic and truly represents the Minecraft game. With straight lines, square corners, and scenery featuring Minecraft foliage, there is no denying that this is all things Minecraft. I should make a note here that the characters in this coloring book are generic. Fans will not find Techno, Dream, Ph1lza, or any other famous Minecraft players. However, that doesn’t stop us from drawing them in there.

Because the The Official Minecraft Coloring Adventures Book is geared towards a younger audience the coloring pages have a bit of white space for ease of coloring. It also provides a bit of space to draw our own square characters and make even more detailed scenes, just as we would do in the game. It is a great opportunity to add some of our favorite players into the scene or color it as it is like the square we all are.

This book gets high marks and the 5 star rating from SKGaleana.

The second book, The Official Minecraft Coloring Book: Create, Explore, Relax, is geared towards adults. Each page features high detailed Minecraft scenes. Like many adult coloring book, these scenes have patterns with small areas to color in the line art. The pages are expertly designed featuring amazing Minecraft characters, creatures, and builds in highly stylized game topography.

Each page features square and pixel items like one would find in the Minecraft game. Only in this book, their is a repeating pattern for a higher degree of difficulty to color. Each page provides an excellent source of figures to color, repetition, and relaxation as our imaginations pours to the page through a crayon, pencil, or marker.

This book is not for a coloring noob. These crazy pages require an eye for the details. The scenes can be chaotic featuring creepers, animals, swords, and blocks. My suggestion: go slow, relax, and enjoy the process because this will be the best coloring book a Minecraft fan will ever find!

Both of these coloring books are absolutely fantastic and I will be spending hours coloring every single page. In fact, I am going to grab my favorite set of coloring pencils and begin the fun and relaxation excursion through the world of Minecraft.

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