New Teen Titan GO! Toys in a McDonalds Happy Meal and a Free Printable Activity!

McDonalds is changing their Happy Meal toys to add to their Go Green efforts. They stated by 2025, many of their plastic Happy Meal toys will change to something more environmentally friendly. With the most recent collection of Happy Meal toys, it appears that McDonalds has started early on their Go Green efforts.

The characters that are being featured in the McDonalds Happy Meals, are the characters from Teen Titans GO! However, instead of plastic toys featuring Raven, Beast Boy, Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg, little Happy Meal connoisseurs get to enjoy extremely large coloring pages coloring pencils, and stickers.

While these are not the plastic toys we have all come to love, these coloring pages are pretty cool. They are supersized and fun to color. They certainly provide entertainment providing a fun activity. My niece loved coloring the Beast Boy poster and looks forward to more.

McDonalds also provides fun free printables from their Happy Meal site. Like with every new toy collection, their printable activity sheet changes. This time we get a fun coloring page featuring the Teen Titans GO!, a Sudoku game, connect the dots, and a Coding activity. Simply download, print, and have a blast. Use the coloring pencils from the Happy Meal, crayons, or markers.

To download go to and scroll down to the activity set, click download, and print. You can also click here to download the activity.

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