Oh Character Puppet Craft from Dreamworks Home

Celebrate the release of Dreamworks Home by making your very own “Oh” Puppet using the directions provided by Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft online store and the template they provide. With their directions and list of tools and supplies, this crafts should be as easy as saving the world from an invading race of aliens/

To download the template click the image below. It will take you to the craft of Jo-Ann’s page. You can either purchase your items from there or use what you have around the house.

Oh Puppet from Dreamworks Home SKGaleana

So grab the glue gun, a needle and thread and the template and start making the most out-of-this world Boov Alien puppet of Oh by fallowing the instructions below. HAVE FUN!

(Found on Jo-Ann’s site)
One felt square each: Violet Sky, Fuschia, Brilliant Blue
Coconut buttons, fuschia
20mm wiggle eyes
Amazing Goop, 1oz tube
Lion Brand® Hometown Minneapolis purple yarn
Tacky glue
Fine point Sharpie® marker
Purple thread
Sharps Hand needle

1. Trace pattern pieces on felt and cut out.
2. Whip stitch around body of puppet leaving legs free.
3. Turn puppet right side out.
4. Stitch long arm edges together stopping at wrist.
5. Stitch arms to sides at top edge.
6. Cut 2 pieces of yarn 20″. Coil each piece to form an “ear”. Stitch or glue to sides of head.
7. Trim Brilliant Blue vest piece slightly smaller than Fuschia.
8. Put vest on character and secure in place with button.
9. Glue eyes in place.
10. Draw mouth with fabric marker.