Printable Follow-Me-Eyes Pumpkint DIY Paper Craft

Halloween is a couple days away and I still have one more craft to share. So before Halloween is here and gone here is another fun Follow-Me-Eyes paper craft that is sure to bring laughter into the house…Or that creepy feeling that something is always watching you. How about a little of both. This time, the papercraft features a Jack-O-Lamtern puppet.



The Puppet is pretty easy to make and fun to display. With the #FollowMeEyes, no matter which way one walks, his eyes will follow.

These Pumpkin puppets can go almost anywhere.

  • Display them on a shelf so when people walk by they are watched
  • Cut the pumpkins off their bases and hang them on the wall
  • place them on festive tables for that added touch of cute creepiness
  • Or whatever you find fun and decorative
  • To create the pumpkin puppet simply follow the instructions below. Be sure adults do all the cutting.


    1. Print on cardstock
    2. Cut out the pumpkin along the outer solid line, be sure not to detach from base.
    3. Cut out the eyes
    4. Wrap the base around to form a circle and glue together.
      The circle should form behind the pumpkin.

    5. EYES:
      • cut out the eye rectangle along the outer boarder.
      • fold on the lines closest to the eyes. It should partly cover the eyes
      • Fold on the next line outward so that it forms a zigzag. (see image for help)
      • Glue each tab to either side of the eyes behind the pumpkin
      • Display the pumpkin and Enjoy



    To get a copy of the pumpkin Paper craft click the image below and save the PDF to your computer. Then print, create and Display.

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