Fun DIY Papercrafts of Jack-Jack and the Raccoon

With Incredibles 2 coming to Blu-Ray Nov. 6th, Disney/Pixar has been releasing some awesome stuff for us fans to enjoy. We were given a DIY for some incredible treat boxes and a DIY mask and emblem for the perfect superhero costume. Now, Disney/Pixar is focusing on everyone’s favorite baby, Jack-Jack and his fight with the robbing raccoon.



If you haven’t seen the wonderful Sneak Peek of Jack-Jack & Raccoon I suggest you do so now, It is absolutely hilarious as Jack-Jack learns about his powers and what it means to be super.

Exclusive Sneak Peek (Jack-Jack & Raccoon)

Now that you have laughed incredibly hard, you can truly enjoy Disney/Pixar’s gift to the Incredible fans. The gift is a Foldabble paper craft of Jack-Jack and the crazy Raccoon. Simply Download the PDF by clicking the image below. then print, cutout and create Jack-Jack and the Raccoon by following the instructions on the papercraft template.

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