Star Wars Galactic Pals Printable Coloring Pages

Disney is releasing an adorable series called Star Wars Galactic Pals, which features Star Wars creatures as babies! Miree runs a galactic daycare and must cater to each child’s unique traits and behaviors. For example, in the first two episodes we learn that Wookiees have anger management issues and Ewoks are shy. However, Miree has tips and tricks to help Wookiees calm down and to help Ewoks come out of their shell. Watch the first two episodes of Galactic Pals on

I find this show absolutely adorable. I mean, just look at the little baby Rancor!!! How can anyone not love him? I can’t wait for the Rancor episode!

I am hoping we get to see episodes for each of these creatures:

  • Gamorrean
  • Gungan
  • Huttlet
  • Jawa
  • Loth-Cat
  • Ortolan
  • Porg
  • Rancor
  • Rodian
  • TaunTauun
  • and more

Of course this list is just a guess based on the images Star Wars Kids posted on their site of all the different younglings. There will probably be many more.

To celebrate the release of Star Wars Galactic Pals, Disney released several coloring pages that fans can print and color! Their collection has 14 coloring pages each with a different creature. To download the coloring pages go to and save each image. Then print and create. Or you can click the image below and download a large PDF to get all 14 coloring pages.

Be sure to visit for their cool mobile wallpapers as well. Those downloads are just too cute!