The J Team Review and a DIY Sparkle Bow Craft!

The J Team is on DVD for the srp of $15.99! We can now join JoJo Siwa and her friends as they create their own dance team and prepare to take on the dance world. There will be trials, test on friendship, and of course the n- quit attitude as JoJo preservers.

Thanks to Nickelodeon, I received the chance to review the movie and here is what I thought.

In a time of bad vibes and conformity, JoJo struggles to fit in. After her wonderful dance teacher retires, a new one is hired with far less zeal. In fact, JoJo is forced to hide a lot about herself as she attempts to stay in line with requirements issued by the new teacher. But when she fails to hide her sparkle and bow, she is kicked out of the dance team.

This forced eviction of her beloved team leads JoJo to look into herself and rediscover who she is and what dance means to her. With the help of friends and family she begins a journey of discovery which eventually leads her to creating her own team, The J Team.

The J Team movie is full of inspirational moments and positive messages which enforce the idea that people should believe in themselves and their sparkles The inspirational theme goes throughout the musical as JoJo and her friends complete choreographed numbers about remaining true to themselves, never give up, and more.

I love the positive feel good messages and vibes this movie gives out. It is uplifting and encouraging to watch JoJo strive for excellence and never lose her sparkle. The movie relays the message of perseverance and finding something better to celebrate. I give The J Team! five stars!

In celebration of The J Team coming to DVD we have a very special craft to help all the JoJo Siwa fans make their very own sparkle bow. Simply gather the materials and follow the instruction to add some sparkle to your life. Click the image below to get the instructions and share a little positivity to the world.

Materials needed:

  • 2.25 inch wide ribbon
  • Thin ribbon
  • Thin wire or string
  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Alligator hair clip
  • scissors
  • Variety of craft jewels