A Cats Empire Free Printable Coloring Pages

Spil Games is proud to announce CATS EMPIRE is available in the App Store and on Google Play.

Cats Empire is a quirky, creative strategy game where you control a band of wacky, mischievous cats as they raid rival tribes! Develop a sneaky strategy to claw your way up the leaderboard as you go for glory in Whiskertown. Upgrade your lovable four-legged friends to improve their skills, or simply crossbreed two cats to create a new breed of fish-stealing felines!

Check out the trailer :

Designed for strategy buffs and cat lovers the world over, Cats Empire will test your clan building skills as you go on quests, unlock exciting new areas and test your nine lives in fun boss fights.



More information can be found at the official website and at the following:

  • Cats Empire Official Page
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • For a little added bonus to the feline world, Spil Games has released a free printable coloring page for all the fans of Cats Empire to enjoy! Simple Click the image below to download the coloring page. Then print and color!

    Image Map


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