Are You Afraid Of The Dark? Latches onto Our Irrational Fears

Do you like scary stories? Because tomorrow, the reboot to one of my all time favorite shows when I was a kid, will be released on DVD! Are You Afraid of the Dark? will creep into people’s homes, enticing them with a fun scary story. But what would happen if the stories we love so much were actually based on reality? The Midnight Society may just learn the answer to that question.



I received the epic chance to review this movie! Actually, when they asked me if I was willing to watch the new reboot and write about it, I jumped at the chance. Are You Afraid of the Dark? started my love for creature features and other scary movies. I had to see if the reboot did the original justice.


In the words of Akiko, a member of the Midnight Society, “Clowns Suck.” In fact, most scary movies that involve clowns…I don’t watch. Ever since I watched Killer Clowns from Outer Space, clowns have been a no-go. However, because this is an Are You Afraid of the Dark? mini-series/movie, I put my irrational yet fully rational fear aside and watched the film. Ironically, the other members of my family had me watch the movie first before they would even sneak a peek. There is nothing like being the guinea pig. Again, in the words of Akiko, “I hate clowns.”

On the plus side, the amount of clowns depicted in the Are You Afraid Of The Dark? mini series is minimal. I mean they are there, they are creepy (like the one without eyes…shiver), but they are also not that involved in the story. In fact, my fear for clowns quickly dwindled as Mr. Tophat took to the stage. So many scorpions…man eating scorpions. And I don’t mean large scorpions that eat people, I literally mean Mr. Tophat eats a freaking scorpion!

Scorpions…why did it have to be scorpions? Here is another of my irrational yet rational fears along with spiders and bugs. I could have lived without insects or arachnids featured in Mr. Tophat’s story. To be honest, I never really learned of their significance. They seem to be there just to creep the audience out. Since they were so prevalent, I really wish there was more about them, such as: why does Mr. Tophat eat them, why are they controlled by him, and what is the meaning of the scorpion coin? I guess I should be thankful that there weren’t more creepy crawlies, I was already squirming in my seat.

Although the ambiguity of the scorpion has left me with questions, the mini series itself is awesome. The creators continued the love for the original with a nod to the original music. It brought back so many creepy nostalgic moments of watching the 1990s series. We also have The Midnight Society and the iconic beginning to every story, “Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society.” When the fire blazed and this statement echoed through the forest, the audience knew the scary story would begin. However, with this reboot, once the fire goes out, the scary stuff just gets worse.

When the story becomes reality, the Midnight Society featuring Gavin, Akiko, Louise, Graham, and newbie Rachel must find a way to save their friends before it’s too late, even if that means they have to take a trip to the state of potatoes, Idaho. Yes, Idaho. I wouldn’t think Idaho would be the most scary state there is, but if a spooky carnival comes to town, I suppose any state can be scary. I do find it neat that the awesome showdown takes place in such an unused state in cinematic movies.

Epically, the showdown at the Carnival of Doom in Idaho is not mere potatoes. It sheds light on a dark past and an unfortunate prediction. While the whole flashback is fairly predictable, it does bring understanding to Mr. Tophat’s backstory. And let me just say…If you don’t figure it out while you watch Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Mr. Tophat is craaaazy….crazy scary.

Which leads me to the info about this crazy scary mini-series. For families with children, this series is not rated. While that may make some think it is safe for a younger audience, I highly advise against it. There are many scary moments, zombies, creepy clowns, kidnapped children, and dark forces at work. This movie also messes with our sense of reality. Make sure the child watching can tell the difference and handle intense situations like those in psycho-thrillers. I would say keep this at tween to teen. Common Sense Media suggests ages 11 and up.

A good rule of thumb is parents should screen the movie and decide if their child can handle such a film. Trust me, as an adult, you will enjoy the film. It gave me a fright, which is what Are You Afraid of the Dark? is all about. If you like scary stories you will enjoy this one. I give it 5 stars.

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