Avatar The Last Airbender Avatar Aang’s Avatar State Cubeecraft

While Aang was attempting to unlock his seventh Chakra, the Thought Chakra, he saw a vision of Katara in danger. Instead of letting her go, Aang left his training blocking his chakra. While he was attempting to rescue his friends, Aang realized he had to let Katara go. Locking himself in a rock cocoon, he attempted to unlock his seventh chakra. During these attempts the viewers are taken to a cool space bridge where we see a Giant copy of Aang glowing. This cubeecraft is Avatar Aang’s avatar state glowing.

In order to make this cubeecraft you will need the following items:
Exacto Knife
Avatar Template

To download the cubeecraft simply click the image below.

ATLA - aang avatar spirit 3D cubee small

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