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Nov 24 2017

Whisker Haven Tales Coloring Page of a Critterzen

This puppy is a fun little Critterzen from Whisker Haven. I really tried to find any details on who this might be but came up with ziltch. To make matters worse, I could not determine the career of this adorable puppy. In an effort for clarity, I decided to question my family. Perhaps a greater …

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Nov 13 2017

Free Coloring Page featuring Beauty from Disney’s Princess Palace Pets

Princess Aurora has an adorable little Kitten named Beauty. This little kitten willing take naps and she is often seen yawning or finding a comfortable place to sleep. Beauty is a pink Kitten with purple eyes and a hair style that matches Aurora. Beauty’s Story: Aurora met Beauty one warm spring day while on a …

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Oct 27 2017

Free Disney Junior Vampirina Printable Party Kit

When Vampirina moves from Transylvania to Pennsylvania with her parents, this little vampire must find ways to adapt to human life, which isn’t easy. Even the night time sleeping is a complication. But with a little perseverance and great friends, Vampirina faces each challenge with creativity and strength. Vampirina debuted October 1st, just in time …

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Oct 20 2017

Printable Activities and Coloring Pages Featuring Vampirina

Released just in time for the Halloween season, Vampirina is Disney Junior’s newest show featuring a Vampire named Vampirina who has just moved from Transylvania to Pennsylvania. Her family has opened a bed and breakfast for all the visiting ghouls and goblins. As the new kid in town, Vampirina faces what every new kid faces, …

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Oct 18 2017

Free Coloring Page featuring Pumpkin from Disney’s Princess Palace Pets

Cinderella has an adorable puppy in her palace pets collection. The Puppy’s name is Pumpkin. Pumpkin is a poodle with blue eyes, brown nose and white fur. Her style is based off of Cinderella’s hair and jewelry, including a fashionable tiara with a pumpkin carriage shape. Pumpkin’s Story: Pumpkin was an anniversary present to Cinderella …

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Oct 01 2017

Disney Family October 2017 Printable Calendar

Photo from Disney Family Believe it or not, today is the first day of October. I really do believe I some how time traveled to the future because this year has been going by so fast. On the plus side, I time traveled to the best 3 months of the year, the first of them …

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Sep 27 2017

Free Coloring Page featuring Blondie from Disney’s Princess Palace Pets

Rapunzel has an adorable pony in her palace pets collection. The Pony’s name is Blondie. Blondie is a yellow pony with blue eyes. She has a blond tail and a blond mane that is braide similar to that of Rapunzel’s hair before her it was cut by Eugene. Summer’s Story: Rapunzel met Blondie during a …

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Sep 12 2017

Free Downloadable Disney Menu Planners

I have another great share from one of my favorite sites, Disney Familyy. This time Disney Family has featured several Menu planners inspired by some of our favorite Disney Characters. I absolutely love these planners, they are perfect to help include the kids in creating meal ideas. Simply pick their favorite character, write down their …

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Sep 08 2017

Free Coloring Page featuring Summer from Disney’s Princess Palace Pets

Rapunzel has a large amount of palace pets, from an adorable pony to a cute little Kitten. In fact, the kitten she has is named Summer. She is a yellowish kitten with blond hair, green eyes, and a pink bow. Like Rapunzel, she wears flowers in her hair. Summer’s story is a little more dark …

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Aug 30 2017

Printable Disney Princess Bookmarks

With School going and books coming home, corners are being folded (gasp) to save the page where we can continue reading. This year Disney is giving us the option to stop the folding corners abuse with some magically wonderful bookmarks featuring Disney Princesses! Whatever book you or your “mini me” are reading, these printable Disney …

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