Coloring Page of Butterhorn from Funko’s Wetmore Forest

Let me tell you a story; a story about the amazing Wetmore Forest by Funko. This forest features monsters of all shapes and sizes and their skills are as diverse as their looks. With Snuggle-Tooth as their leader, these monsters have been able to live in peace and safety…with the occasional adventure and fun.



I have been making coloring pages of these adorable Funko Monsters and my next featured monster is Butterhorn. Check out her story below:

Butterhorn’s many wonderful tales are told to the monsters of Wetmore forest as the light fades among the Pines and fauna, and the littlest ones start to yawn. She is the storyteller of the group, charged with sharing the legends and stories of past and present. She is wise and gifted in the ways of nature. She speaks the ancient language of the fir trees and knows each and every creature roaming the vast rainforest by name.

Bitterhorn’s most difficult feature to make had to be the horns. I wanted to make sure that those horns had the right curve and details. After a few tears, several walk aways, and a couple of desires to toss the computer across the room, I finally succeeded. I am very happy with how the adorable little Butterhorn turned out.

I colored Vutterhornr a teal-ish color, but there are several color palette that Butterhorn has been seen in. However, I am sure even a rainbow wouldn’t be out of the ordinary in the Wetmore Forest so go crazy and color her how ever you would like.

o download the Butterhorn coloring page:

  • Click the image below
  • Save the PDF to your computer
  • Print the PDF
  • Color with your favorite coloring tools

Click the images below to get my other Wetmore Forest monster coloring pages:

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