Cubeecraft of Disney’s Princess Aurora in her Royal Gowns

Princess Aurora By SKGaleana 2
Princess Aurora has a Beautiful Gown towards the end of the movie. But the Good Fairies could never agree on what color she should be wearing. They constantly fought over Blue, Green and Pink.

Since I was making this Royal gown, I figured I should be sure to give each color a possibility, that way, you as the paper crafter, could choose the color you wish to create. Or if you are like me, you could create all 3 πŸ˜€

You can choose which color you wish to make using the links below.

Princess Aurora

Green Dress Part 1
Green Dress Part 2

Pink Dress Part 1
Pink Dress Part 2

Blue Dress Part 1
Blue Dress Part 2


You will need both parts to create this cubeecraft. Part 1 is the head, arms and feet. Part 2 is a specially formed cubeecraft dress designed by me (SKGaleana). The dress uses the locking tabs created by Chris from
As much as I love the square cubeecraft form, it just didn’t work for the Disney Princesses. The new template is a little more difficult to cut out and create but so worth the effort. πŸ˜€

As always, these cubeecraft papercrafts are free to download, print and create. They are great for birthday parties, kid activities, or to create on your own time.
Download all three styles to increase your digital hoard, because, let’s face it, you may just need them later πŸ˜€

You can also grab Princess Aurora in her simple clothing here:

You can also check out my deviantart page

I hope you enjoy this Once Upon a Dream

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