Cubeecraft of Razor From the TV Series Swat Kats The Radical Squadron

The Brains of the pair is finally here! Where would T-Bone be without Razor? Razor, a mechanic, an inventor and best friend to T-Bone. His awesome missiles often hit their target and usually are created just in time to take down the new threat.



Like the T-bone Cubeecraft, Razor is a little more difficult than most. His ears had to be 3D as well just to make them look right on the cubeecraft.

To build the cubee:

  1. To the left and right of Razors face there is a black Oval. In that Oval there are three white lines that must be cut to create a hole that the ear tabs can slide through. The bottom tab will curve up into the ear to give it a more 3D look. Be very careful when cutting out the ears, they are very delicate. Once the ear is cut out fold along the black line. Slide the tabs into the holes and it will form an ear.
  2. The face of Razor also pops out to give him that cat feel. Before you fold the cubeecraft’s head cut along the while lines around the cheeks. When you fold the head do not fold the cheeks so that they stick out. See picture below for a visual.
  3. To attach the tail, there is a white line on the back of the cubee that has to be cut for the tabs of the tail to slide into. Both tabs must slide into the hole created. When you cut out the tail be very careful. It must stay connected at the tip where you would fold it in half.

Part 1
part 2