Cute Easter Bible Cookies Recipe

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It’s Easter! Time for the Easter Egg hunts, Easter Games and of course Easter Treats. This Easter, remind your family and friends why we celebrate this day by creating a few inspirational recipes for the party goers to enjoy. After all, Jesus, the Son of God, was the ultimate sacrifice. He died on the cross and rose from the dead three days later to cleanse His people of their sins so that we may enter the Kingdom of Heaven.



The reason for Easter was not lost by the creative people at’s Free-N-Fun site. They created a cookie just for Easter featuring a Fig Newton shaped like a Holy Bible, stating,

Spread the good word of God by sharing these Bible cookies with friends. An inspirational dessert idea for Sunday school, Bible study groups and Easter brunch! Proof that good things come in small packages.

In the midst of the fun and games that Easter provides, this adorable cookie will remind guests of what we truly celebrate on Easter while also providing a wonderful snack.

Grab the recipe below or on the website. Be sure to check out their other recipes and activities for the Easter Season.

Easter Bible Cookies


  • Fig Newtons
  • White Icing
  • Candy Crosses
  • Fruit by the Foot

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  1. Carefully trim the very edge of a fig newton to expose the jelly center.
  2. Cut a piece of Fruit by the Foot into the shape of bookmark ends. Carefully poke the square edge into the jelly of the fig newton to create the illusion of bookmark ends.
  3. Pipe the white icing onto the cookie to resemble a bible.
  4. Use the icing to adhere a candy cross to the front of the cookie.


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