Free Coloring Page and Wallpaper Featuring Lavalynx from Slugterra

According to Eli Shane, the Lavalynx is a very dangerous slug. It’s attacks mostly deal with lava. They are Dark brown in color with large eyes like a Bubbaleone. But this little guy is no picnic. The lava attacks are sure to cause massive damage and intense pain from burns and heat. Lavalynx is one of the only slugs to be a serious threat to people. I say “One of the only” because Geoshard is also known to be life threatening and dangerous if not fired carefully. When Lavalynx is used, people often get nervous and show fear. Even Eli showed a little nervousness when one was aimed at Kord.

Lavalynx is a little weird when it comes to his velocimorph. Usually a slug’s velocimorph resembles some feature of their protoform. The Lavalynx breaks that tradition by becoming A flying molten Lava Rock with large arms and 3 molten fingers. It is certainly one of the more unique slugs in all the 99 caverns.

Lavalynx coloring Page SKGaleana image

Check out the specs below for more details on the Lavalynx and it’s attacks.

Lavalynx specs from
Lavalynx: Species #024
A Famous Slug of this species: Burner
Preferred Habitat: Lava lakes and volcanoes
Power Type: Lava slug
Element: Earth
Rarity: Uncommon
Protoform Abilities: Can generate heat like a small furnace
Attacks: 4

    Fullcano: Creates miniature volcanic eruption of lava on impact
    Moltera: Opens up a lava-filled trench as it flies over, a wall of heat that burns anything shot across it
    Magmatic: Surrounds itself in a ball of lava before hitting target
    Geyservault: Can spit a stream of molten lava at a target

Lavalynx transformation at 100 mph:

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Lavalynx coloring Page SKGaleana

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