Printable Slugterra Card Game

After almost a year of work, I am so happy to announce that the SKGaleana Slugterra Card Game is finally Completed!

Yes! That means we can all become SlugSlingers (in card form)!

The game features several different cards, including:

    Slug Cards
    Fusion Cards
    Velocimorph and Megamorph cards
    Equipment cards
    and more!

To learn how to play the game and all the features the game has, download the rulebook by clicking the image below. This Rulebook may be added to or have things taken away from it at anytime. As the game progresses and new cards are add so may the rules. It could also change if something in the Slugterra TV Shows or Movies change. I will make an announcement if anything drastic changes in game play.


After reading the rulebook, you are probably wondering how you can get this awesome game. It is pretty simple. The game is reserved for those who donate to SKGaleana. These are free gifts for your support!

If you donate $10 USD to SKGaleana, I will give you the Earth and Fire starter deck. The deck comes with 80 cards, Damage counters, Skill counters, and Health labels. It includes the Main Deck and the Equipment Deck. A detailed list of the slugs included in the Starter Deck is in the Rule Book.

If you donate $5 USD to SKGaleana, I will give you One (1) Booster pack. The booster pack includes 8 cards, with at least one card guaranteed to be a Rare or above. All cards in the booster packs are completely random and could contain energy cards, slug shells, Slug cards, ghoul cards, Equipment cards and more.

Slugterra Card Game
Earth and Fire
Starter Deck
Booster Pack

Amount you wish to Donate

Amount you wish to Donate

Once you send the donation be sure to contact SKGaleana with the request for your free gift. Your donation amount, email and what you want as your free gift need to be included in the email.
Once I have received your email request, you will receive your free gift within 48 hours after the donation has cleared. The gift will be sent to the email you paid with.
Since these are donations, there are no refunds. These files are for your personal use only and cannot be sold, shared or placed online. I do not own nor represent the Slugterra brand. I am simply a fan sharing my work with my awesome readers.

To put these cards together:
Cut out each card along the outer black line.
Fold the card in half. color side facing out.
Glue the backs together or place the card in a card sleeve to make them playable.

To really get to know each slug, be sure to use the Slugterra trading cards I have created. Each card has the stats of each slug including attack details! See my Slugterra Page for details on how to get the Slugterra trading cards.

If you have an ideas for a Card, post them in the comments below. Who knows, it may just end up becoming a Card!

Now let’s get the ball rolling with one free Ultra Rare Fusion Card that will fit nicely in the starter deck. This card can pack some major damage!
InfernoSlam is a fusion shot of Infurnus and Rammstone. Use this card a deal 150 damage! Best part is, it starts your Fusion Deck!

SKGaleana Free Fusion Card

Let the Slugslinging games begin!


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    • Romano Silva on 10/03/2021 at 14:45

    Is the game still available? Is it possible to translate the cards?

    Do you still continue developing the game?

    Cheers from Brazil!

      • Romano Silva on 10/05/2021 at 05:59

      Is there a starter kit for slugs and another one for ghouls?

    • Gret on 12/16/2020 at 08:38

    My son loves slugterra. Once we make the donation how do we get the printable? Is it emailed to us?

    1. The card game is emailed in several installments. The deck is sent in about 5 emails. Booster packs are sent in separate emails. I hope that helps 🙂

    • Zac Evans on 08/31/2020 at 18:19

    Hi there I really love slugterra and I was wondering if you could please make some more packs

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